The Love Clause

He needs a fake girlfriend to advance his career. She needs a pretend date to appease her mom. The solution for both? A contractual relationship with one clause: neither party can fall in love.

Divorce attorney Phillip Wong is on his way to making partner in his law firm. His only obstacle? He must show his boss he has a support system—namely, a devoted woman—to aid his work-life balance.

Vanessa Lim needs to find a date to her cousin’s wedding, before her mom arranges one for her. She agrees to accompany her colleague, Phil, to their company’s Christmas party on one condition. He acts as her doting boyfriend for a day.

Romance is forbidden in this contractual relationship, a clause Phil and Vanessa are sure they can keep. He thinks she’s ditzy, she finds him overbearing, and they’re both married to their jobs. However, their time together reveals that hearts don’t always follow the rules.