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I love to write and share my thoughts and stories in hopes that they will encourage others. 🙂 Here are some pieces of my heart that have been published, listed alphabetically by the publisher.

Chaplain Publishing (Collection of College Devotionals from Christian Authors; Available for Purchase): Rise

Christian WomanThe Lockdown DrillItching to Buy MoreAcquainted with Grief

Daily Bible BlastIt’s All About God

Great Moments in ParentingFive Words a Parent Never Wants to Hear

Growing Slower3 Tips for Capturing Childhood Memories

Literary MamaThe Labor of WritingFriendship (Children’s Picture ebook Available for Purchase): A Rainbow of Nine Colors

MomLife TodayLessons in Winning and Losing

My Christian DailyConfessions of a (Recovering) Nagging Wife

Parenting ExpressSitting on the Ledge

Positive Writer (Writing Contest Winner, 2nd Place): The Monster in Every Writer’s Head

Stage of Life (Writing Contest Winner): I Am Scared of Our Kids Sleeping in Our Bed Forever 

Start Marriage Right (Regular Contributor): Sightings of Girlfriends PastPreparing Your Marriage for Children3 Steps to Sexual Satisfaction for WivesAre You That Girl?Something Bigger and Better Than OurselvesThe Little Things Do Matter In Your Marriage3 Truths to Help Your Marriage Endure HardshipsDon’t Cramp Your Spouse’s Style!Two Words Worth Saying in Your Marriage3 Ways to Support Your Dating FriendsProtecting Your Spouse From Friendly FireThe Lost Art of Mind-Reading

Story ShelterA Dairy Cow on Steroids (Included in a book titled “I Am Here“; Available for Purchase)

The Fussy Baby SiteRunning on Empty

Women’s Memoirs’ Seasons of Our Lives: Winter (Writing Contest Winner; ebook Available for Purchase): Forced to Pause


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