Monday Mentionables: Crispy Baked Chicken, Avocado Recipes & Meegenius Author Challenge

Hi all! I can’t believe it’s June and there are only 1.5 weeks left of school for the kiddos! What a year it has been. Both they and I have grown, and hubby, too. Thank God that He keeps us in His hands each and every day.

So, given that summer is coming up and I will need to be keeping the munchkins entertained, this will be my last Monday Mentionables post for a while. I hope to return to it later this year or maybe even think up a new series – we’ll see. 🙂 But I will still be keeping my regular posts coming once a week on Thursdays.

Here are today’s mentionables:

1. Crispy Baked Chicken. If there’s one thing kids love to eat, it’s crispy food. So with that in mind, I decided to buy some panko breadcrumbs from Trader Joe’s and use it on some chicken cutlets (also from TJ’s). I found an easy recipe here and even made my own Tonkatsu sauce from this recipe! The kids loved the crunchiness of the chicken and devoured it – and I felt like a master chef for a night. 😉


Oops, got E’s moving fork in the pic!

2. Avocado Recipes. Here’s a cool article with 10 delicious (at least delicious-looking) recipes using avocados! This is one green fruit (cause it has a pit!) that is yummy and good for you.

3. Meegenius Author Challenge. Just wanted to let any of you aspiring children’s authors know about this contest through; if you win you get to have your story illustrated and published as an audio (read along) e-book. I participated in this challenge a couple of years ago and although I didn’t win, they still wanted my story! It’s a great way to get your foot in the proverbial door if you have written or want to write a picture book. Check out the contest info here, and my book, “A Rainbow of Nine Colors” here. 🙂

And lastly, two pictures of our new pet, a preying mantis hubby caught yesterday while he was taking a walk. He said the preying mantis was literally crossing the road when he saw it and scooped it up. C decided we should keep it as a pet. Now we need to find some bugs to feed it – yikes! 🙁

C has a soft spot for creatures, even crawly ones. :)

C has a soft spot for creatures, even crawly ones. 🙂

Here's one up close and personal. Don't worry, we'll be moving "Manty" to a bigger home soon. ;)

Here’s one up close and personal. Don’t worry, we’ll be moving “Manty” to a bigger home soon. 😉

Have a good week everyone!

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