Monday Mentionables: MasterChef Junior, Purple Walls, Target Tips & U2

Good day, everyone! I am actually excited this day has arrived; I’ve been waiting for this particular Monday to come for a few months now. Why? Because I’m honored and thrilled that Literary Mama’s blog published my guest post today! 

(Let’s take time for a dance break now, shall we?)  😀

Ok, now that I’ve contained my excitement a little, let’s head on over to today’s mentionables:

1. MasterChef Junior. This show is a spin-off of MasterChef (for grown-ups) and is hosted by Gordon Ramsey, who speaks with a cool Scottish accent. The contestants are all between the ages of 8-13 and let me tell you, they can COOK. I am blown away by their chopping skills, creativity and plating designs. I also love how some of them need a step stool to reach the counter. This show is very enjoyable – but make sure you don’t watch on an empty stomach cause all the dishes they whip up will have you drooling!

2. Purple Walls. We finally finished painting our upstairs bathroom a lovely shade of purple (“Rapture” to be exact). My sister was the one who suggested this color, probably because it is her favorite (she even liked Barney the purple dinosaur once upon a time). 🙂 People say purple induces a calming effect, so maybe this will be a good room to have time-outs in (for the kids and for myself, haha). The decorations on this wall totaled $6 (the wall decal poster, as well as the set of butterfly decals were on sale for $3 each at Target!). 

I painted as much as I could reach before hubby filled in the rest.


Isn’t it amazing to know that there has and never will be anyone exactly like you?!

3. Target Tips. Speaking of Target, isn’t it like the best store? They have so many different items ranging from food to household products to clothes and shoes! It’s pretty much a one-stop shopping experience with fairly reasonable prices, too. For you “Tar-jay” lovers, here’s a good blog to check out with tips on how to get your money’s worth on your next visit there.

4. Beautiful Day. Being an aspiring writer is such a roller coaster ride. Hubby’s been looking at me with one eyebrow raised cause last week I was feeling so down after receiving a rejection, but now I’m on cloud 900. 😉 There’s a time for everything as Ecclesiastes 3 says, so for today let’s celebrate with this song from U2.

This is one happy camper who’s hoping you have a happy Monday, too! 🙂

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