Glasses: Rose Colored & Half Full

On this Thanksgiving day, I am reminded to be thankful. To reevaluate my attitude. To see things in shades of pink (via rose-colored glasses). To view my glass as half full (versus half empty).

I honestly don’t find it hard to do so…in this moment. Sitting in my pj’s in a warm house while my hubby tends to the kids downstairs – it’s a pretty quiet and peaceful moment. 🙂 It’s always during the other moments, when life is not like a Hallmark card, that prove to be more challenging times for me to be thankful. Ah, such is the human condition, is it not?

But in celebration of this day, I want to list the top 20 (cause there really are too many to name!) reasons I am extremely thankful for today and every day. 

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1. My 2 munchkins who oh-so-loudly interrupted me while I was typing this two hours ago. LOL. They make my life so much more meaningful and complete.

2. My oh-so-supportive hubby who is entertaining them now so I can complete this post! He is my #1 encourager, my partner in life who keeps me sane and happy.

3. The appliances we are so blessed to have and the electricity with which to use them. 

4. Clean water! And more than enough food.

5. Health. And sanity. 🙂

6. Knowing I am growing to be a calmer and wiser parent, one who managed to keep her cool despite sitting in the parking lot of Sweet Tomatoes for approx. 62 minutes yesterday waiting for her dear son to finish having a cow (it’s a long story). And for a daughter who is patient beyond her years.

7. For our little one whom we were so thrilled to have in our family for a brief moment in time… and who makes me long for heaven all the more.

8. For our dear families – parents and siblings – both near and far. 

9. For Facebook, which takes up more of my time than it should, but has helped me reconnect with so many relatives and friends. 

10. The beauty of the written word.

11. Melodies and harmonies. For all the great songs out there. For karaoke. 😉 

12. The group of moms I meet up with regularly for play dates. For getting to vent, commiserate and grow with them.

13. For a good multi-cultural church where I can learn to love and serve people of all backgrounds.

14. For funny things on the internet like this: 31 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Parent.

15. For cute and furry animals like these dogs and these lions.

16. California weather, where fall means temperatures are still in the mid-60’s.

17. For history, for what we can learn from it; for the future and the ability to dream about what is to come; but most of all, for the present because living in the moment is the best.

18. Being able to help others in need.

19. Every breath I take.

20. For faith, hope and love. 🙂

Celebrate today with this song by Natalie Cole called “Be Thankful“.

What are you thankful for today and every day?

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