Learning How to Juggle

Some of you may have seen the photo I posted on Facebook of the current state of our living room. If not, here it is for your viewing pleasure:



As if having 25 boxes (some bursting at the seams) stacked up one on top of another wasn’t enough of a walking hazard, hubby decided one day last week to turn them into a secret hideout/maze for the kids (complete with a hidden camera peeking out from one end). I will leave that image up to your imagination because I can’t manage to fit the whole “arrangement” into one frame to show you. 😛

Suffice it to say, I have been learning how to juggle.


Quite amazing, isn’t it, how they can keep so many things going at once!


Thankfully, not with plates or balls or boxes, but with tasks. And for someone who multitasks as much as I do, it’s still been tough! Now, on top of my responsibilities as a wife and mom and writer, I can add entrepreneurial businesswoman to the list. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Nah, it’s just a way for me to explain why we have 25 boxes taking up residence in our living room.

Before I can reveal what’s in those boxes though, I’m working on setting up a website and having photos taken of the lovely things in those boxes. This will hopefully be done within the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to announcing the product – and getting each and every one of those 25 boxes out the door!

Stay tuned! 🙂

Not sure why, but this song popped into my head. It’s the Beatles, “Twist and Shout”, something you should not do while you’re juggling, but something I hope to be able to do in the living room again someday!

I’m very curious to see if any one of you have had your own business before? If so, please share the ups and downs of your experience. I need all the help I can get!

Monday Mentionables: Braided Necklaces, Faces of America, No-Carve Pumpkins & The Beatles

Welcome to the last week of October! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle today.

Here are today’s mentionables…

1. Braided T-shirt Necklace. After being inspired to make a T-shirt scarf last week, I decided to try my hands (plural because both are necessary for the task!) at making braided necklaces from old T-shirts. This four strand braid was my first attempt; I used the directions found here for a T-shirt belt. 

The two colors work well together, don’t they?
The outfit I wore it with this weekend.

Here are two other tutorials I’d like to try: this one uses regular three strand braids and this one incorporates a sailors knot with four strand braids. If you want to get even more complicated, you can try a five strand braid (I never knew they existed before)! The cool thing about upcycling T-shirts this way is that you can easily make a necklace, bracelet, belt or headband, depending on the length of fabric you have – and how long you want to keep on braiding! 

2. Faces of America. I happened upon this article on National Geographic’s website about the changing faces of America. The accompanying pictures are beautiful and speak of the melting pot that this nation is becoming. I am fortunate to live in a very diverse area of California where I am exposed to people (and food!) of all backgrounds every day. It just makes me appreciate the beauty that diversity brings and how creative God is!    

3. No-Carve Pumpkins. Halloween’s around the corner! For those of you who don’t want to deal with cleaning out a pumpkin’s innards, check out these 18 no-carve pumpkin ideas. My favorites are #4 (Thumbtack Pumpkins) and #7 (Candy Corn Pumpkins). Which do you like?

4. The Beatles. Who doesn’t like The Beatles? I love boy bands and they were pretty much the original one, way before ‘N Sync or One Direction were born (literally). They had so many great hits, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think “Here Comes the Sun” is the perfect one to start us off on this Monday. I found this acoustic cover of it by The Moon Loungers (funny that they should be singing about the sun). Enjoy the beautiful guitar strumming! 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!

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