TGIE! (Thank God It’s Easter!)

Image courtesy of Gualberto107/

Image courtesy of Gualberto107/

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick post here as spring break has started for the kiddos and I’ll be signing off from “blogdom” for a week.

I’m so thankful (which is a mild word to use) for the significance that yesterday and tomorrow mark – the death and resurrection of Jesus! I still remember the evening I prayed the prayer of faith to become a follower of Jesus; I was 12, old enough to understand the Good News, but young enough to still not fully grasp all of it. As I prayed with my pastor’s wife, a sweet, soft spoken woman, I knew I was stepping into a big decision. Little did I know how interesting and amazing this ride would be… and continues to be. Thanks be to God for His grace and love!

Have a joy filled Easter! 🙂

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