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I love to write and share my thoughts and stories in hopes that they will encourage others. 🙂 Here are some pieces of my heart that have been published, listed alphabetically by the publisher.

Chaplain Publishing (Collection of College Devotionals from Christian Authors; Available for Purchase): Rise

Christian WomanThe Lockdown Drill; Itching to Buy More; Acquainted with Grief

Daily Bible BlastIt’s All About God

Great Moments in ParentingFive Words a Parent Never Wants to Hear

Growing Slower3 Tips for Capturing Childhood Memories

Literary MamaThe Labor of Writing; Friendship (Children’s Picture ebook Available for Purchase): A Rainbow of Nine Colors

MomLife TodayLessons in Winning and Losing

My Christian DailyConfessions of a (Recovering) Nagging Wife

Parenting ExpressSitting on the Ledge

Positive Writer (Writing Contest Winner, 2nd Place): The Monster in Every Writer’s Head

Stage of Life (Writing Contest Winner): I Am Scared of Our Kids Sleeping in Our Bed Forever 

Start Marriage Right (Regular Contributor): Sightings of Girlfriends Past; Preparing Your Marriage for Children; 3 Steps to Sexual Satisfaction for Wives; Are You That Girl?; Something Bigger and Better Than Ourselves; The Little Things Do Matter In Your Marriage; 3 Truths to Help Your Marriage Endure Hardships; Don’t Cramp Your Spouse’s Style!; Two Words Worth Saying in Your Marriage; 3 Ways to Support Your Dating Friends; Protecting Your Spouse From Friendly Fire; The Lost Art of Mind-Reading

Story ShelterA Dairy Cow on Steroids (Included in a book titled “I Am Here“; Available for Purchase)

The Fussy Baby SiteRunning on Empty

Women’s Memoirs’ Seasons of Our Lives: Winter (Writing Contest Winner; ebook Available for Purchase): Forced to Pause

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