Monday Mentionables: DIYs – Magic Shell, Tops & Hair Clip

There has been a lot of DIY-ing around my house this summer. It’s funny that this is a such a big trend now cause doing things yourself was actually the norm back in the day. I guess it’s true what King Solomon said – there’s really nothing new under the sun. (Case in point, overalls are making a comeback!)
Here are 3 things I made last week that most anyone could definitely do, too.
1. DIY Magic Shell. It’s super easy, good for you and very, very yummy. You only need 2 ingredients for this recipe: chocolate and coconut oil (the latter of which is a wonderful and healthy substitute for cooking and baking). With the antioxidants from the (dark) chocolate, the omega-3’s from the coconut oil and the calcium from the ice cream, you’ll want to eat this every day!
The magic is in the coconut oil which hardens below 76 degrees F.

Side note: One of my longtime girlfriends who is a great cook recommended adding a bit of olive oil and salt to vanilla ice cream. It sounds a little strange, but it tastes really good, just like salted caramel! So if you get tired of using the magic chocolate (crazy thought, I know), try this out for a change.

2. DIY Matching Outfits. I love how C is still young enough that she wants to dress like me. I made a halter top from some fabric my sister-in-law gave me and when she saw it, she wanted me to make her one too! This was my first sew-from-scratch project; I based it off the instructions I found here. It’s totally doable for a beginner with a simple sewing machine (mine is a portable one that can only sew a straight line).

C’s (on the right) turned into a dress.

3. DIY Hair Clips. I love the idea of making C’s hair clips instead of buying them; it costs less and allows me to be more creative. I found the instructions for a loopy flower clip made from ribbons and a button. It took me less than 10 minutes to make one!

My mom mentioned recently that I got my craftiness from her mom who used to make all the kids’ clothes (on top of being a doctor, too). I never had the chance to meet my grandma (at least on this side of heaven), so it’s nice to know I have something in common with her. 
How does craftiness run in your family? Whether you enjoy art, words, music, science or engineering, there are plenty of ways to express your creativity. So get your thinking caps on and have a creative Monday!

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