Can One Person Make A Difference?

Can one person make a difference?

Yes, totally, absolutely, yes.

We have the ability, the opportunities, and even the power to make a difference for good in someone’s life. I know this to be true because my grandfather lived it.

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My Grandpa was not my grandpa by blood, but by love. He was a gentle man with a great big heart for helping people.

As a doctor, he would see patients for little to no money and sometimes would even pay for their taxi fares home.

As a foster father, he graciously took in two teenagers, my mom and her brother, after their parents had passed away to join his own family, which already included five young children.

As a grandfather, he offered genuine smiles and hugs to me each time I saw him. A young man at heart, he was the one who introduced me to pop music and gave me my first cassette tapes (Mariah Carey and Tiffany) which I still hold dear.

As a great grandfather, though frail and bedridden, he whispered in my Grandma’s ear to remind her to give red envelopes to the kids, which caused all of us to smile because it was such an untimely, yet predictable, request that he would make.

He was just one person, but he made all the difference in the world to so many people. Because of him, I knew the love of a grandfather and the warmth of a large extended family.

One person can make a difference! Whether it be offering a smile to a stranger or being a shoulder to lean on for a friend, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

Believe it and live it today. 🙂

Here’s Carrie Underwood’s song, “Change“, about having the courage to believe you can change the world.

Who has made a difference for good in your life?

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