Monday Mentionables: DIY Dim Sum, Cleaning Myths & Easter Eggs

Hi everyone! Is it me or does it feel like the first few months of the year always fly by with busyness? This is the second year in a row where we have yet to take down our Christmas tree by spring. 😛 I think it’s a combo of several family birthdays + holidays (Chinese New Year being one of them) + life = a tree that’s tucked away in a corner of the living room and has blended so well with the decor that we’ve forgotten about it. But I am determined to put it away THIS MONTH! Or else we won’t have anything to put up come this December. 😉

Image courtesy of Suat Iman/

Image courtesy of Suat Iman/

Now onto today’s mentionables…

1. DIY Dim Sum. If you’ve never had the chance to eat dim sum – you must try it! It’s basically a Chinese brunch type of meal that you order from little carts that the servers push around from table to table. Some of the dishes could be called “exotic“, but most of them are yummy and tasty. I came across this link where you can learn how to make your own dim sum! It’s worth taking a look at even if you’re not handy in the kitchen (as I am) cause the pictures are drool-inducing. 😉 #15 is one of my favorites. What’s yours?

2. Cleaning Myths. True or false – you can use a squeegee to remove pet fur from carpets? Click on this link to find out the answer to this question (#7) and also learn the truth behind some other cleaning myths (ie. cleaning windows with newspapers).

3. Easter Eggs. It’s almost Easter! I know Resurrection Sunday is about so much more than egg hunts (and Christmas is about so much more than trees!), but I think traditions are important to kids and they can be a good way to share the real meaning behind the holidays. So if you’re in the mood to decorate, check out this link for 5 new ways to add some color and bling (literally) to your Easter eggs.

Have a great week!

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