Monday Mentionables: Underwater Photos, Pie Crusts & Rice Crispy Treats

Happy Monday-before-tax-day! Argh, sigh, grr. 😉 Let’s just say that I am thrilled to be done with taxes – finally! 🙂 I feel like this calls for a celebration, don’t you? So, lift up your glass/mug/sippy cup (whatever you have on hand) and let’s toast to the next 365 days we have before the next tax day arrives. Clink!

I’m also celebrating the fact that E finished a major project for school – five days early! We spent Saturday afternoon working on a life-size replica of his rainforest animal of choice, the tarsier. Thank God for the hairy fabric and big, brown eyes we found at Joann’s, which made for a much more realistic creation.

Too bad we couldn't find bigger eyes. :)

Too bad we couldn’t find bigger eyes. 🙂

Moving on now to today’s mentionables:

1. Underwater Photos. I was very inspired by this story I read online about a photographer who overcame her aquaphobia by taking pictures of children – underwater. What a courageous and creative way of overcoming a fear! 🙂 The photos are very cute as well.

2. Pie Crusts. I LOVE pie crusts. I may or may not have baked one before to eat by itself (no filling necessary!). 😉 If you like pie crusts or pies in general, check out these 14 designs that will make your mouth water and your creative juices flow. I think #13 (made with cookie cutters) is pretty cute.

3. Rice Crispy Treats. If you want a dessert that is faster to make than pies, you may want to try rice crispy treats. Here are three ideas for adding even more snap, crackle and pop to these yummy bars. They may be the prettiest and easiest treats you’ll ever make.

Alrighty, have a beautiful week! 🙂

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