All By Myself

This is SO true!

Having grown up as an only child for 10 years, I got pretty used to being by myself.  It is actually I, and not the hubby, who needs some cave time now and then, haha.  So it came as quite a shock to find out after becoming a mom that I would rarely ever be by myself again.  All the moms out there know this is not an exaggeration.  😛  Not only is my time not my own anymore, neither is my personal space.  

So in order to not go crazy when my devoted entourage starts making me feel claustrophobic, I remind myself of three things. 
1 – Kids stick to you cause they like you.  And they feel safe with you.  This is probably the most flattering way of looking at this.  🙂
2 – It’s good, and necessary, to get some “me time” regularly.  This is especially true when I find myself getting excited about the chance to go to the dentist’s by myself. 
3 – Try to enjoy the attention I get from the kids now cause there will come a day when they probably won’t want to be seen with me.  😛  

It’s true that kids do grow up fast.  And this part of parenting will soon pass.  A friend reminded me recently that there used to be a time when both E and C would follow me into the bathroom every time I went.  But now I can usually go alone.  

Just yesterday I was doing my morning routine and they were playing together in the next room.  E came in 2 minutes later and said, “We didn’t fight yet.”  Smart boy adding the word “yet”.  🙂  Then 2 minutes later, he came back and informed me that C had a poopy diaper.  So much for my alone time.  Oh well, there will be plenty of time to be all by myself in about 16 years!

Here’s Celine Dion’s “All By Myself“, but in my case, I’m taking out the “don’ts” cause I want to be all by myself!

How do you get some alone time as a mom?

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