Straight To You

Straight to You (1)

Straight to You (1)STRAIGHT TO YOU (Taking Chances series, Book 1)

Wanted: A modern knight in shining armor (white horse optional)

Young, sweet and naive, Ashlynn Peters is ever the optimist when it comes to love, but even she is surprised when she crosses paths with a real life Prince Charming. Jeremy Adams, her childhood crush, is back in town. He is even more sweet and handsome than she remembers, and also much more intriguing than any man she’s dated before.

Ashlynn finds herself falling hard for Jeremy, only to discover that he may not be the perfect guy she thinks he is. Will she make the choice to look past Jeremy’s tarnished armor or will she give up her chances of ever reaching happily ever after?

Inspired by the author’s own love story, this romantic novella will have you laughing, dreaming, and wondering if fairy tales really do come true.

Each book in the Taking Chances series is a STANDALONE book.

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For a behind-the-scenes look at my book, go to my “Q & A” post here!

A playlist for Straight To You is now available on Soundcloud and YouTube!


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