Monday Mentionables: Give It 100, Car Games & The Drop Box

Hi there everyone! It’s so nice to be here on my own blog site with a new simple and fresh design. It took me a while to find the right (not perfect, haha) template to go with, but I finally settled on this one. Hope you guys like it, too.

Here are today’s mentionables…

1. Give It 100. So, there’s a new trend going around the web called Give It 100. It was started by this girl who wanted to learn how to dance in 100 days. She videotaped herself practicing each day and uploaded the videos to YouTube and voila – the rest is history. (Hearing about all those YouTube success stories is quite amazing, don’t you think?) There are quite a few people posting about their 100 day challenge, which includes everything from weight loss (and loving oneself) to flossing (hmm?) to one of my favorites, trying to get out of the house without yelling (as posted by a self-proclaimed perfectionistic mom of 2 – whew, glad I’m not the only one!).

What would you pick to practice for 100 days? Even if you don’t videotape yourself and post it, you could still try it out. I think mine would be to laugh. 🙂

2. Car Games. Now one way I try to survive long (or short) car rides with the kids is to read books to them (while hubby is driving of course); another way is to play games. I thought of sharing a few that we play and asking if you guys have ideas, too (cause the kids are getting bored of these, haha).

Rhyming game – One person says a word, for example “cat” and the others have to think of words that rhyme with it (ie. bat, hat, sat). This game secretly teaches kids about vowel and consonant sounds and gets their creativity flowing as they try to make up new words (ie. zat).

Animal guessing game – One person thinks of an animal and the others need to guess what it is.

Example: “Does it live in the water?” – No. “What does it eat?” – Bananas. “What color is it?” – Brown. “Does it have 2 feet or 4?” – 2.

Any guesses on what animal I’m thinking of? 😉

Make a Story game – One person begins a story and the next person continues it and so on until you decide to stop.

Example: Person #1 – Once upon a time there was a dog named Woof. Person #2 – Woof went to the park and met a squirrel named Bushy. He asked Bushy, “Do you want to play catch?” Person #3 – etc.

All of these games can be tailored to your child’s age and can be a lot of fun for the parents, too.

3. The Drop Box. I saw this video being shared on Facebook last week and was really glad I watched it. This is the story of Pastor Lee, a man in Korea who, along with his wife, opened up an orphanage out of his own home. He created a “Drop Box” at the orphanage for people who no longer could care for their babies (many of the disabled) to drop them off there, no questions asked. I am so moved by his dedication, generosity and love. He also reminds me of my Grandpa. To watch the video and learn more about Pastor Lee’s work, go here.

Oh and good news, Chicky (the original) made it home! C is beyond relieved and overjoyed. So are we. 🙂


Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

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