PB & J Review: Hooway for Wodney Wat & “Thankfulness Song Medley”

Happy Friday! 🙂

It’s been a while since I did a Picture Book & Jam Review. There are so many good children’s books out there; it’s just hard to choose one to share. But today’s picks are too good not to share! (FYI: As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t get any compensation from these reviews.)

Picture Book Review: Hooway for Wodney Wat should be called Hooray for Rodney Rat, but the main character Rodney has trouble pronouncing his “R’s”. This is a clever, literally laugh-out-loud book that the munchkins love reading over and over again (seriously, it doesn’t get old, even for me).


The book deals with the topics of fitting in, bullying and overcoming challenges. It is written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, a dynamic book duo who produce the most entertaining books. I know without a doubt that any story by these ladies is worth the read. You can listen to Hooway for Wodney Wat online at this cool website that reads books aloud (though the video isn’t clear enough to see the illustrations). To see the book in its full glory, purchase it here on Amazon.com or check it out at your local library.

Side note: You’ll also want to check out the Tacky the Penguin books by Lester and Munsinger, which feature a penguin who does everything in a tacky way to the horror of his buddies Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect – don’t you love those names, haha! You can get a look at one of the books in this video that’s super clear and fun to watch.

Jam Review: The “Thankfulness Song Medley” is from Veggie Tales, which has produced some of the silliest songs ever known to mankind. This song however is more on the serious side and highlights the important attitude of gratitude. I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics until one day I heard C singing, “Because a thankful heart is a happy heart” from the backseat and I was like “yeah, man!”. It’s short and catchy and sweet.

Do you have a picture book or kiddie song you’d recommend?

PB & J Review: Just A Duck? & “I’m A Nut”

Happy Friday! 🙂

I’m starting a new blog post series called “PB & J” Reviews, which stands for “Picture Book & Jam (think music) Reviews”. I read up to 25 books to the munchkins on a weekly basis and I also listen to kiddie music every single day (semi-groan), so I thought I’d share some fun finds that are worth your time to check out. (And just FYI, I don’t get anything from doing these reviews; I’m just sharing these products because I like them.) So here we go!

Picture Book Review: Today’s picture book is Just A Duck? by Carin Bramsen. You can buy it here on Amazon.com or check it out at your friendly neighborhood library (which is where we get all our books for free!). What drew me to this book were the pictures. For example:


You really need to see this book up close and personal to get the full WOW effect!

Not only are the pictures amazingly cute, they are so life-like. The duck’s fur just pops out from the page and the water droplets look real enough to make you want to grab an umbrella! The story, about a duck who thinks he is a cat, is just as charming and engaging. As you can guess, C (and her chick) loved the book. This would be a great springtime read for toddlers and kindergarteners.

Jam Review: Today’s jam is “I’m A Nut”. This is a short song told from the perspective of an acorn (hence the title). I think E and C like it simply for the one line, “I’m a nut.” 🙂 I like listening to it in the car on those days the munchkins drive me a little nutty. 😉

Let me know what you think of today’s PB & J Review!

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