Live Like We’re Dying

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So it’s that time of the year when I start thinking about getting older (and hopefully wiser, hehe).  It’s funny how the climb up the proverbial “hill” seems so long and slow when we’re young, but once we hit the top, it feels like we’re stuck in an avalanche and the ride down is fast, scary and out of control!  I think for me, the reality of being “over the hill” hit me when I realized I am (as we all are) trapped inside an aging body.  I owe this revelation in part to the hairdresser that cut my hair recently who kept commenting on all the gray hair I have and to the numbness I now feel in my feet sometimes when I sit too long!  Even with the fortune of having Asian genes on my side, I am definitely not looking or feeling like a spring chicken anymore!        

I completely understand now why my mom doesn’t like celebrating birthdays anymore and why people go through mid-life crises.  You get to a point where you know youthfulness (especially the high metabolism part of it) is temporary and wrinkles are permanent.  And you wonder (or at least I’m starting to) if you’re making the most of your days.  And I’m accepting the fact that I only have one life to live and this is it.

All this makes me think of bucket lists.  I don’t have one written down, but if I did, it would go something like this (in no particular order):

1. Enjoy each day and all the big and small moments
2. Pass on to my kids what matters most – faith in God and care for others
3. Write and publish a book(s)
4. Make sure my kids know they are loved
5. Laugh more and complain less
6. Be thankful
7. Continue to grow

Even though I don’t look forward to aging, I’m going to look on the bright side and be thankful for all the years I’ve had so far to live, learn and love.  And I’m going to stock up on some anti-wrinkle cream.  🙂 

This song by Kris Allen reminds us to “Live Like We’re Dying“. 

What’s on your bucket list?


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