There’s No One Youer Than You

The kiddos, being as observant as they are, have come to a conclusion about who is the better driver in our family. Both E and C have said, “I want Mama to teach me how to drive and Baba to teach me how to park.”

I think you can guess which person has never gotten a moving violation in her life. 😉 Hubby, on the other hand, exhibits PTSD symptoms every time he sees a police car in the rearview mirror.

But now, why do the kids want hubby to teach them how to park? It might have something to do with the fact that other cars have been known to get in my way when I try to squeeze my car in between those white painted lines on the ground. Yes, I’ve had to on more than one occasion leave a friendly, apologetic note on someone’s windshield. (Feel free to not park next to me if we’re ever in the same lot; I won’t be offended.) 🙂

I’m fine with admitting I have faulty spatial skills because I know it’s true. This is why I would rather park in a nice open space a few blocks away from my destination than choose a tight one close by and pose a risk to any surrounding vehicles. And also why I don’t mind giving hubby the chance to show off his awesome parallel parking skills whenever possible.

All this talk about who is the better driver/parker got me thinking one day. I think there’s something to be said about knowing what you’re not good at, and even more, to know what you are good at. I’m not talking about being prideful or boastful about your abilities, but about being content and thankful. Understanding your strengths and the particular ways in which God has made you unique is actually a step towards freedom. Freedom to stop trying to be someone you’re not, and freedom to just be you.

For me, this means accepting that I am an introvert, that I can write twice as many words as I will ever speak, and I love to listen. This means I am okay with being quiet and needing to have my “cave time” to recharge. This means that while I admire talkative, life-of-the-party people, I don’t have to feel inferior to them. Everyone is different, but equally needed. After all, how would extroverts ever survive without us introverts (and vice versa)? 🙂

This reminds me of a quote by Dr. Seuss:


What a good reminder! There is no one else who is like you. Out of the billions of people who have walked this earth, there is no one youer than you. So, be YOU and enjoy it! 😀

Check out the song, “Who Says” by Selena Gomez & The Scene that talks about not wanting to be anyone but you.

What makes you happy and thankful to be you?

P.S. Here are some funny sayings I found about introverts that are so true. Anyone else agree with me? 😉




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